Lucid Dreamer

“Obiticus, something is happening to me. The lotus is changing the symbols somehow. The signs are coming to me stronger, yet their meanings are mixed and I do not understand why. I am starting to wish I had never eaten the flower in the first place.”

He hesitated, still thinking about his dreams.

“I feel like I am riding a wave that is about to break against an unknown shore. I have been having thoughts that I have never had before, feelings that do not make sense to me,like I am carrying a purpose of some kind, as if I am here…for a reason.”

“It is because you are awakening,” Obiticus said simply.



The official book trailer for the novel The Dreamer's Lotus. An excellent book for those with an interest in symbolism, human potential, the natural world, consciousness, rites of passage, coming of age, journeys of the mind, young adult literature, fantasy, and much more. This is the first book in The Lucidity Series.