Mike Dickenson

My biggest shifts in writing have come to me during times of tremendous inner-change. Most of this change has been self-induced and has almost always involved travel. After graduating with a degree in English Education at Montana State University,  I left Elko, Nevada on a hitchhiking adventure which would culminate in Argentina almost two years later. This journey gave me a much needed perspective about our world and where we are going, both globally and individually. My experiences have shown me that humanity yearns for positive change, that people are inherently good, and that anything is possible. Our perception of the world can transform our reality before our eyes, and it is this message that permeates my novels and films. My writing is part satire, part literature, part humor, part parable. In an effort to change this world for the better, I strive to create works of fiction that both inspire and captivate others to find their truest potential.

I have been a whitewater raft guide, an off-the-grid homesteader, a montessorri teacher, and currently and always, an explorer.

I also create documentary films and lead courses in writing and storytelling with Commonlink Productions.


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