a virus is killing everyone

with an iq over



people's heads are exploding.


The country's on lockdown.


re-elections are coming up.


everything is about to change.


America will really have to America hard to get out of this.


Write here...

Write here...

the virus has DEVASTATED the population.

millions of bright, creative, and intelligent people are dead.

besides these guys.


aND they wanna help!!!


they may not know why the virus can't kill them,

but they know a lot about other things.

like freedom.

that's right.

lots of freedom.

so much freedom that it's mind-blowing.


like freedom of speech.

freedom of religion


Freedom of the press


freedom to assemble places.

freedom to shoot things.


and freedom to thinking the hard fight.


but wait.

there's something about freedom

to know about - and know about good.


freedom isn't free!!!


exploding head 6.jpg



even though America has been the greatest thing

since even before it began, some people can't stand it.


like these people.

that one down there. he's the kingpin.

he just doesn't know it.

david dingle.jpg


that's david dingle. david doesn't understand why his head hasn't exploded. he's just a normal guy with an awesome phone.

he's also the subject of a nation-wide manhunt.

check out his phone. it's pretty cool.


it is like, a really smart phone.

(except it's upside down.)

but anyway.

since everything in america is different on account of the stupid plague,things like freedom are at stake.

without freedom bad things can happen.


Like nuclear war for one.

and not having enough resources for everyone.


and being left with these guys

to figure it all out.

congress people.jpg

there's a lot going on.

if you're smart, you'll prepare for what's coming.

just try not to think about it.

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