a virus is killing everyone

with an iq over



people's heads are exploding.


everything is about to change.


America will really have to America hard to get out of this.


all the smartest people in the country are gone.

except these guys.


aND they wanna help.

if these guys can do anything, it's protect what americans care about most.

that's right. freedom.

lots of freedom.

like freedom of speech.


freedom of religion



Freedom of the press


the right to assemble


and freedom to thoughts.


America has been the greatest thing since

even before it began. freedom.


 sadly, some people want freedom to explode.


Nope. not that one.


that one.

david dingle.jpg


that's david dingle. david doesn't understand why his head isn't exploding. he's just a normal guy with an awesome phone who is also the subject of a nation-wide manhunt.

check out his phone. it's pretty cool.


it is like, a really smart phone.


but anyway. the stuff...


so yeah, America's kind of working out some kinks.


Like nuclear war.

and resource scarcity


there's a lot going on.

if you're smart, you'll prepare for what's coming.

just try not to think about it.

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